This paper aims to provide an overview of academic research within the field of digital transformation. The authors conduct a bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer, Harzing’s Publish or Perish, and SciMAT to evaluate and visualize the bibliographic materials. The analysis focuses on journals, papers, researchers, institutions, and countries, using bibliometric indicators such as productivity, citations, H-index values, and TLS values. Graphical analyses illustrate co-authorship, co-occurrence of keywords, evolution of research topics, and network of influential researchers within digital transformation. The results complement each other and show that Germany, the United States, and the Russian Federation are the most influential countries in digital transformation research. Additionally, the results suggest that collaboration within this field is still weak, and many research topics are just beginning to emerge. This research provides a summary of most of the key aspects in digital transformation research and helps lay the groundwork to shape the future of this growing field.